SkyLedger News

SkyLedger , the third generation blockchain, is an ambitious project that not only aims to provide a better, faster, more flexible blockchain platform than Ethereum, Stellar or Neo but is also focused on creating an entirely new economy that will power the way we connect, interact and access information.

SkyLedger News is a bootstrapped project that gives everyone the opportunity to learn about everything that's happening in the SkyLedger universe.

From new blockchain-based businesses to the development of Skywire, an entirely new, decentralised internet that will put power back in users' hands, we want to let everyone know about SkyLedger and the people making it happen.

Our Bounty Programme (3 SkyCoin per article)

Having a range of voices is important for the success of any publication, so we're delighted to offer a bounty programme to anyone wishing to contribute to the magazine.

If you've got a great idea for an article about SkyLedger or the many projects using the SkyLedger platform, let us know. Just email

There's a bounty of three SkyCoin for every published article. So, get scribbling!