SkyLedger comes to London

SkyLedger founder, Brandon Smietana, will be taking to the stage on Friday at Level 39 in London’s Canary Wharf for the inaugural SkyLedger London conference.

Joined by nine key figures in the SkyLedger community, Smietana will be talking about innovation on the SkyLedger blockchain during his talk which takes place in the morning session.

Kicking off with angel investor and SkyLedger evangelist, Jane Zhang, speaking about the power of SkyLedger to effect change in society, the morning’s speakers will explore different aspects of  SkyLedger’s potential to change the world we live in.

The afternoon session is focused on SkyLedger based ICOs with John Peters, CEO of Aionios introducing the audience to Life Coin, the gateway to a future in which we understand the role played by senescent cells in the ageing process. Angela Li will speak about MZ Coin, a project that marries AI with education and Madeleine Jooste will explain how Planet Blockchain Coin is going to invigorate innovation.

Rounding off the day, Jeremy Samuel of Metalicoin will explain how he is transforming the mining industry by using SkyLedger to record the pre-sale of mineral resources whilst they remain in the Earth.

SkyLedger London begins at 0900 and finishes at 1700, Friday 20th April. Get yourself to Level 39 to learn about SkyLedger in action!


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