Sun Coin launches on iQuant

Sun Coin, the token that’s powering Solar Bankers‘ renewable energy economy has been listed on the iquant exchange, making it easy for anyone to buy and sell Sun Coin.

Sun Coin went live on the exchange on 22 January and, naturally for a company that’s still in its early stages, trading volumes have been low. However, this could be a golden period for investors, with Sun Coin currently trading around $0.32 or 0.000025 BTC.

There’s no doubt that Sun Coin should be seen as a long-term hold, with Solar Bankers needing to get a great deal of hardware and infrastructure in order before it will start to see Sun Coin being used for its designated purpose – energy trading.

Assuming that Solar Bankers’ proprietary solar energy generating technologies and its energy trading platform all continue along smooth development paths, the firm’s roadmap suggests things should really start lighting up in Q2/Q3 2019.


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